I look forward every year to camping season. For me, it runs from May 1st through October 31st, a nice 6 month run of fun.

I clocked myself in the head attempting to move the picnic table. Don't ask how.

I do have to admit a couple of things. First, the latter half of October can be a bit cold, including last year when it started snowing during one of the final weekends. Second, it's not exactly 'camping' in the real meaning of the word.

While camping can encompass a lot of different things, I interpret it as being in the woods with a tent, sleeping bag, something to start a fire with, water and a little bit of food. That is far from my type of camping experience. I have a travel trailer with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, heating and cooling system, radio and satellite TV. I did the 'roughing it' experience enough in my younger days.

Now I enjoy the comforts a bit while sitting around the campfire with fellow campers, enjoying a few cold beverages. I make it an annual event to trek to the campsite on day one or day two of the season to get everything set up. This year most things went well, and the brutal Winter we just experienced, was kind to my camper.

The water pipes were fine, no electrical problems, leaks or wind destroyed items that normally reside outside the trailer. I did have a few mishaps during the first weekend, including  a small ball of fire and smoke occurring when I turned on the lights of my old golf cart. Apparently the wire casing wore off during the Winter and the bare wire was touching metal in the dashboard. That was a bit of a scare, followed my a flat tire. My next issue was with the water hose. I ended up being showered with water from several breaks that occurred in the handle. I attempted to put a plant in the ground, and ended up breaking off half of it by pushing too hard. I clocked myself in the head attempting to move the picnic table. Don't ask how.

Other than those issues, it was a great first weekend. For those of you who love to camp, roughing it or not, here's to the next 6 months of almost stress-free enjoyment in the country!

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