Covid-19 has done one good thing. It's opened up the realization to many folks across the country about the advantages of camping. If you've never spent time camping, I highly recommend it.

Whether it's just an overnight or several day stay in a tent, renting an RV or even thinking about taking the plunge and buying an RV, I think you will really enjoy the experience of camping.

There are many options for living quarters including a tent, RV (vehicle with a motor), travel trailer or 5th wheel. RV's com in many varieties with Class A, B and C which are all different types of motorized campers. If you own a motorcycle or a four wheeler, you have the option of renting or buying a toyhauler, which has a large garage type end to the trailer to store your motorcycle or four wheeler.

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Last year, camping become more popular than ever during the pandemic simply because it allows social distancing at it's greatest. With vaccines out this year, I imagine camping will continue to be more popular than ever.

If you are thinking of taking the family to a campground this year, I'd suggest you make reservations as soon as possible. Most campgrounds open around the 1st of May, and you don't want to be left out.

About 25 years ago, the camping bug hit me starting with a tent, and then taking the plunge into travel trailers. I'm now in my 5th trailer trailer and love it. Another thing I did was to park it at a campground as a seasonal camper. For me, it's easier to head out to camp on the weekend and vacation with everything all set up. Others prefer to do weekend and vacation at different campgrounds, and that gives you different scenery each time.

However you decide to camp, I think it's one of the best things to do in life while enjoying the great outdoors. My camp countdown clock is showing 30 days away to opening day. It's been a tough winter. I can't wait.

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