Broome County has crossed another line in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  The County COVID dashboard November 10 reported the number of positive cases since March of last year has now surpassed 26,000.

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116 new cases reported brings the total to 26,036. Broome also has lost four more residents to the pandemic with the death toll now at 419.  There are 714 active cases in the county and officials continue to keep close watch on the hospital capacities.  The November 10 report said 66 Broome residents were hospitalized with COVID, down 5 from the previous day. According to the daily statistics, roughly 28 percent of the cases of COVID-19 in Broome County are so-called “breakthrough” cases in residents who have gotten the COVID vaccine.

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Delaware County also reported two new deaths since Monday, November 8 for a total of 67.  Cortland County reported a death on Tuesday, November 9 bringing that county’s total to 85.

No other Southern Tier Counties reported new fatalities in the November 10 update.

Chenango County reports 20 new cases, 156 active cases and 6 hospitalizations. Cortland added 11 cases for a total of 6,593 with 119 active cases and 5 in the hospital.  Delaware County reports on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and noted 60 new cases from Monday, November 8 for a total of 3,964 with 212 active cases and 11 hospitalized.

The CDC dashboard reported 39 new cases in Tioga County for a total of 5,678. The death toll remains at 73.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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