Broome County residents are taking advantage of the early voting option in numbers never before seen for any election turn out.

On the first day of early voting in New York, local polling places reported long lines and waits of over an hour several times during the day.

K. B. Grey/ Townsquare Media Binghamton

One voter opting for the location at the George F. Johnson Library in Endicott estimated a two hour wait as they prepared to enter the queue shortly before 12:30 p.m. October 24, counting around 75 people already in line.

K.B. Grey reported the line almost around the entire block from the library to Broad Avenue.

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Grey said, while the gathering looked similar to fans camped out for tickets to a rock concert, movie premier or the latest smart phone, the line was oddly quiet with little small talk. Voters used the sidewalk squares to maintain distance and everyone within sight was wearing a mask.

About an hour into the wait, Grey reported a couple in line "practicing tap dances." It wasn't clear if that was to alleviate boredom, assist in circulation or to keep warm in temperatures well below the highs in the 70s the Southern Tier enjoyed only the day before.

K.B. Grey/ Townsquare Media Binghamton

Poll workers came out a couple times during the reporter's wait to inform those in line if they had completed ballots (absentee), they could skip the wait and go right to the door.

Exactly two hours after entering the line, the voting was complete for our reporter, who, with "I Voted Sticker" firmly in hand, was heading home.

K.B. Grey/ Townsquare Media Binghamton

As voters from anywhere in Broome County can go to any of the four early voting locations: The Broome County Public Library, Oakdale Mall, George F. Johnson Library or Taste NY at Cornell Cooperative Extension, separate ballots are printed for each jurisdiction. Once you sign in, you will be given your ballot that will include the specific municipal candidates and propositions that apply to where you live.

Early voting continues through November 1. Times vary by day. Go to for early voting information.

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