My continued look at the best classic rock albums from 1976 and today we'll look back at the Rolling Stones 15th album and the first featuring Ronnie Wood on guitar.

Released on April 23, 1976 the Rolling Stones 'Black and Blue' had a very different sound.

The first track on the album was 'Hot Stuff' which introduced a disco sound by the English rockers, featuring special guests former Canned Heat guitarist Harvey Mandel and the multi talented Billy Preston on piano.

The albums first single was "Fool to Cry' a ballad that hit number one for four weeks, followed by 'Hot Stuff'' that was not so hot, stalling at #49.

I loved the Rolling Stones but I was never a fan of disco music, so although I did have this album it was not one of my all time favorite collaborations from the band.

You have to appreciated the versatility of the band, they were trying to adapt to the changing sounds that would finish out the decade.

It is notable that during the making of 'Black and Blue' the Rolling Stones were looking for a new guitarist to replace Mick Taylor, they eventually hired guitar veteran Ron Wood.

Several other rock legends could have been in the band including Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher and Peter Frampton.

Looking back 40 years to the best time of my youth, thr songs take me back to an interesting time in rock history.

Enjoy my 40 year flashback The Rolling Stones "Black and Blue'

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