It seems like everyday we receive another press release regarding the cancellation of one of the Southern Tier summertime Traditions due to the Coronavirus outbreak. That's why this morning when we received a press release from Luma, we had to look twice to make sure we were reading it correctly.

According to Joshua Bernard, the co-founder of the Luma Projection Arts Festival, the show will go on.

In press release obtained by 99.1 The Whale, Bernard said that people were telling the organizers of the event that they really had no choice but to cancel it. Even if Mass gatherings were to be allowed the week of the event, it usually takes at least four months to custom build the 3D animations that they use.

Bernard said that the Luma team did not want to let Binghamton down, so they decided that this year's event would become a multi-platform experience that could be viewed on computers, phones, and VR headsets, and even in person if mass gatherings are permitted come September.

The Luma Projection Arts Festival uses projection mapping with animation to bring artwork to life on the front of buildings throughout downtown Binghamton. A lot of it looks 3D even though you don't need 3D glasses to enjoy it. And this year, you will be able to enjoy it on your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are.

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The Luma Festival attracts around 30,000 spectators a year to downtown Binghamton. This year, people across the United States and around the world will be able to enjoy it while it's happening.

The Luma Festival is scheduled for September 10th. Through the 12th.

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