Whenever I take a long trip, I pay attention to what's just off the exits of the highways I'm traveling. Especially if I'm getting low on gas, but also, I like to know what food options there might be as well.

The further you go from home, you begin to see options of places to eat that are just off the highway that we may not have at home. Or it may be one of those places that just reel you in, hook, line, and sinker like the South of the Border complex at the border of North and South Carolina on Interstate 95. I can't count the times I just had to stop in and look around. The endless billboards sure do their best to convince you that this is a must-visit place.

I also get excited when I see there's a Waffle House or a Dairy Queen just off the next exit. A Golden Corral or a Chik-fil-A might also entice me to take that next exit. Even a truck stop that we don't have in our area might convince me to stop and check it out. I love truck stop diners.

While there is an abundance of great places to grab a bit to eat in the Southern Tier, I thought we'd take a look at a few just off our major highways or just a short drive off the exit. It's by no means the only places to enjoy some food as travelers stop to take a break off Southern Tier highways. Just a few that I think a weary traveler might enjoy.

Places To Eat Just Off Binghamton Area Exits

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