The Jeopardy! program that aired Wednesday night featured Binghamton University employee Kevin Boettcher as a returning champion.

Boettcher fell behind early in the program, but then took control about midway through. Heading into the Final Jeopardy! Round, Boettcher had $15,200 in his bank. He wagered just over $11,000 of it, and answered the Final Jeopardy question correctly.

Kevin wrote down his answer, A Sturgeon, yes as in the fish, to win the game with $26,401. That brings his two-day total $49,401.

According to the Jeopardy Fan website, over the two days so far, Boettcher has answered 51 questions correct and only six incorrect. He's four for four on The Daily Doubles which earned him $10,800 alone.

Tune in tonight to find out if Boettcher can make it three wins in a row. You can watch Jeopardy at 7:30 p.m. on WIVT News Channel 34, channel 6 on Spectrum Cable in the Binghamton Area.

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