Sonny Weeks is the lead singer and a guitarist for the local cover band "Wreckless Marci".He's the newest member of the band but he's been with him for several years now. I always thought to myself that Sonny looked like Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, and I know Sonny is a huge Green Day fan. Well, last night, Sonny and a couple of his friends went down to New Jersey to see Green Day in concert. Sonny ended up getting up on stage and he sang 'Longview' with the band. It ended with Sonny stage diving into the crowd afterward. If Sonny called me as soon as it happened and said: "you're not going to believe this"... I would tell him "you're right, I don't believe you, you must be drunk". But his friend Mike Wilcox shot the video and posted it. Check out the video below. Congratulations Sonny, you nailed it. It was awesome!

Just a warning the video does contain unedited profanity just like the song.

[via Jim Powers/You Tube]

Videos and Photos courtesy of Mike Wilcox. Used with permission.

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