So far this Summer has been dry and HOT. We've seen many days early on in the mid and upper 80s, and even around 90. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. All you have to do is think about WInter with freezing temperatures, shoveling snow and chopping up ice to remember why we love Summer.

Yes, these hot days are fun to play in or relax outdoors, but what about those who work all day in the stifling heat and humidity. How do they do it? It's not easy. Here are six (and I'm sure there are more) of jobs that are some of the hottest jobs in Summertime.

What other jobs are there that can be a challenge in Summer? Do you work at any, and how do you cope with the heat?

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    Construction Worker/Roofer

    These guys and gals are tough. A lot of physical work goes into construction or putting on a new roof with the sun beating down on you, but it makes for a great workout, right?

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    Road Crew/Paving

    OK, it already hot. The sun is blaring down, and you're working with hot asphalt? Kudos to you guys. Plus you have the safety hat and vests to wear too? Wow.

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    Refuge Workers

    Yea, they most likely work in the morning hours holding onto the back of the truck when it's not too hot, but now you're picking up trash that maybe has been sitting in the heat a while, and probably has more smell to it than on colder days. How many of us could handle that?

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    Kitchen Worker/Waiter/Waitress/Server

    Even though they are not outside for the most part, restaurant kitchens are already hot, and if you work in one that has no air-conditioning, I sympathize with you. I've been to a few take-out places that had no AC (maybe it broke down), and I don't know how those servers do it. Tip them well.

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    Mail Carrier

    Either walking from house to house (or business to business) and in the trucks with no AC, it's a long, hot sweaty day for these guys and gals.

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    When there's no fire. these brave men and women still have duties to perform, but when there is a fire, in addition to risking their lives, they are fighting heat in the heat. We salute you all.

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