When I'm on vacation, part of the fun is visiting nearby towns. I love to drive and walk around communities that I've never been to. The small towns are the best.

During my last vacation, I did just that...several times, since it rained during the first five days of the vacation, and I needed to get out of my travel trailer.

One morning, Kathy Whyte joined me for breakfast at Suky's Diner on Main Street in Towanda, Pa. I'd been there once before, I think, last year while on vacation. You know it's a good diner when there are lots of people there enjoying food even after the workday has begun, and you'd think the diner would be empty.

I enjoy observing a large number of people saying hi to each other as they enter the diner. It's a small town, and probably most of the townsfolk know each other. That's a rare happening in Binghamton.

At this diner, I noticed a sign on the wall, stating that anyone who could eat three of their pancakes and a choice of meat, would receive a free meal, 20 dollar gift certificate and bragging rights. The bottom of the sign reads "Many have tried, all have failed."

How big is this pancake, I thought? Well, Kathy, who joined me for breakfast, ordered one pancake. I wasn't paying attention to what she was ordering. I was salivating over the fact that the diner had grits on the menu. Yes, I love grits. With butter and a bit of maple syrup.

When our orders arrived, the pancake (one pancake) shook me to the core. It was served on a large pizza pan. Yes, the pancake was the size of a large pizza. And it was thick. I asked her what she ordered. It was the regular pancake order. The menu also mentions something like smaller orders on request. Meaning a normal size pancake.

Everyone was looking over at us. I'm a bit embarrassed. I'm thinking they are thinking something like "Foolish tourists." One lady as she headed on her way out, patted Kathy on the shoulder and wished her good luck. Oh boy.

Our waitress asked if I was going to help eat the pancake, to which I quickly answered "Not a chance." It was so filling, not even a quarter of that pancake was consumed that morning. It had to be cut into several pizza-like slices to fit in the "to go" container. And yes, Kathy declared it was a delicious pancake.

Now I know why no one can eat three of these mammoth pancakes (plus a choice of meat), let alone one. Maybe the host of the TV series 'Man vs. Food' should make a visit? Check out the pictures below.


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