Pizza. Let's get serious, it's my favorite food. I've heard it has very little calories. If you believe me, stop by my office and let me show you some other things I can sell you on.

The Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania have no shortage of places to enjoy pizza. Everyone has their favorite. The thing about claiming one place is the best, or better than another, is just a matter of opinion, since everyone has different tastes and styles of pizza they prefer.

For me, while I like Chicago style and deep dish pizza, my favorite is thin New York style pizza. If it's good enough, I don't even add toppings. Just the right amount of sauce and cheese, piping hot with the grease dripping off it, a dash of garlic powder or salt, burning the roof of my mouth because it just came out of the oven...that's pizza heaven for me.

Do I have a favorite place that delivers just that? You bet, but it's not in this area. That is not to say pizza places here don't compare, because they do. I never have trouble finding excellent pizza anywhere in the Twin Tiers. I say Twin Tiers because I have tried and enjoyed pizza from both sides of the border.

My biggest issue is when a pizza restaurant that I really like, goes out of business for whatever reason. One recently did just that. Maybe if I'd visited more often.

So, my question to you is, what is your favorite style of pizza, how do you like to eat it (crust first, folded, etc.), and where do you go for your favorite pizza? Let me know, so I can try some places I may have overlooked. By the way, I fold my pizza slice.