Well, if we didn't, then this article would be as short as this sentence. Sure, those of you who hate almost everything about Binghamton, go ahead and give us your reasons why Binghamton should not be on the list. We know you are out there.

Last summer, Business Insider released a list of the 21 best cities in the Northeast United States to live in after the coronavirus. The website based their findings on many criteria, including, but not limited to:

...the pre-coronavirus unemployment rate, ability to work from home, population density, housing affordability, monthly housing costs, cost of living, average travel time to work, total elementary- and secondary-school spending per student, and share of residents age 25 and over who have at least a bachelor's degree.

Several New York cities made this list including Elmira at #18, Syracuse at #3, Ithaca coming in at #2 and Rochester topped the list at #1. Binghamton made the list at an impressive #5.

According to Business Insider, Binghamton comes in as the 5th lowest average housing cost out of metro areas in the Northeast United States, among other high marks. You have to admit, Binghamton today compared to Binghamton 20 years ago is a whole different world.

For a long time, I thought our community would continue to decline in many areas, but the turnaround has been very impressive. Binghamton University has invested a lot in the Downtown Binghamton area, and that has brought about many positive changes, including new businesses.

I see the different in the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic all all times ot the day and night. 20 years ago, Downtown Binghamton seems destined to be more of a ghost  town. Let's look forward to more positive change, and maybe inch up more on the list of best cities to live in.

via Business Insider

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