The one thing I hate about the warm weather months (probably the only thing I hate) is the fact that the vegetation grows like crazy in my backyard. Ever since a large tree was taken out, the grass grows at a fast pace, and I'm mowing once a week.

And then there's the other various vegetation which I wish would go away that grows quickly on my fences, including those vine-type plants which I have no idea the name of. They tend to take over and cover everything.

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Also, I have a couple of thorn bushes as well. One is a rose bush, and the other is a blueberry bush, which up until this year, I didn't know existed. I was about to chop it done when my neighbor asked if I would let them grow and produce blueberries. I agreed with the condition that he pick the blueberries since I really don't want them. To be honest, I don't think that plant will produce many blueberries.

And while we are on the subject of blueberries, 'tis the berry season, and I did some research as to where you can go to pick berries in Broome County. When I was a kid, my family and I enjoyed picking strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries throughout the season.

It was a family bonding time, and the end result would be a blueberry or raspberry pie. My mom would also make strawberry shortcakes for us from the berries we picked. Our problem was trying not to get caught eating berries as we picked them.

Anyway, here are some places in Broome County where you can pick certain types of berries when they are in season. Check ahead with the business in advance to find out when their berries are in season to be picked and when they are open.

Some of these businesses may already have the berries picked for you and ready to buy. If I missed any in Broome County or any of these are no longer in operation, let me know, and happy berry picking!

PLaces To Pick (Buy) Berries In Broome County

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