What is Giant Hogweed you ask?  It is a nasty and invasive plant that will cause you a world of hurt if touched. And it is being found right here in Broome County and the Southern Tier.

You may think, by the picture, that you've seen this before. Chances are what you have seen is its look-a-like Cow Parsnip or the smaller Queen Anne's Lace.. Unlike Hogweed they won't hurt you, though.

Giant Hogweed is a large plant and has a couple of different looks, depending on whether it is blooming or not. The video below is an excellent way to identify the plant.

If you happen to see one, contact the Department of Environmental Conservation so they can take action.

Why is this so serious? Well, if you do touch the plant, you will get severe skin and eye burns, blistering, permanent scarring and blindness. The sap is very toxic.

If you do spot this noxious plant, report it, but don't attempt to remove it first. Whatever you do, do NOT mow or burn it as that will spread the seeds and cause a noxious cloud.