Today, I read the article that our sister stations WNBF posted about the Blind Tiger Pub closing on Harry L Drive in Johnson City. It made me think of some of the other cool establishments that are now closed. I remember back in the early 90s hanging out at the Strike Zone on Upper Court Street in Binghamton. Greg the owner did a great job of booking local bands and bringing in national acts as well. Also around that same time, the L.I.E. was open in downtown Binghamton. They would also book local bands as well as some great national acts and tribute bands. Then there was TJ O'Malley's On Main Street in Binghamton. We used to hang out there quite a bit while enjoying local bands, and it was always a cool crowd that hung out there. Another one was the Amsterdam in Johnson City. They always had local bands on the weekends and some of the best food in town. I also miss the Tasmanian Embassy, also called The Taz. I remember seeing some awesome bands there as well, including Gov't Mule up close and personal.

Other bars that are no longer around that popped in my head while I was reminiscing include; Bobby D's, Bobby D Juniors, Westside Cheers, The Raven Pub, The Country Pines, and The Blue Moon on Old Vestal Road. I'm sure I am missing a lot of them, so help me out. What bars have closed down that you still miss to this day?

[via WNBF]

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