Last Friday, Chris and I were invited to a friend's house for a movie in their backyard in Johnson City. Our friend Louie already owned a projector and he purchase an inflatable movie screen a couple of months ago.

This past weekend was the second time he had people over his house in Johnson City to watch a movie Outdoors. A few weeks ago, he featured the movie My Cousin Vinny but Chris and I couldn't make it.

Last Friday Louie had friends, family, and neighbors over and people kept their social distance. People brought their own lawn chairs and were spread out on his back porch, deck, and throughout his backyard.

Being that there were kids there, he went with a movie that both kids and adults could enjoy. We watched The Secret Life of Pets. His wife made snacks including bagged popcorn for everyone, and Chris and I brought movie theater boxed candy. There were juice boxes for the kids and beer and adult beverages for the adults.

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It was beautiful night as we all sat out there laughing at the cartoon. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that now I want to buy one of these inflatable screens and a projector to show some movies in my yard.

I don't know if I will ever buy one, but it would definitely be a fun thing to have.


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