If you are a cable subscriber in the Greater Binghamton area, you may have noticed that you are missing your Fox affiliate (WICZ), and their sister station, My 8.

There's currently is a little dispute between Charter / Spectrum Cable and Northwest Broadcasting who owns Fox 40 and My 8. The message on the TV screen says that Northwest Broadcasting has pulled their programming from the cable provider, demanding higher rates for their service. Spectrum goes on to say that they are demanding to be paid more than what they pay to any other broadcast stations. Northwest Broadcasting Inc, on the other hand, says that they are negotiating in goodwill and that Spectrum is to blame for the interruption.

I'm just glad the Super Bowl was on NBC this year and not Fox. Could you imagine? Every cable subscriber in Binghamton would not be able to watch the game. Even your local bar that does not have satellite, probably wouldn't be able to pick up the game unless they hooked up a digital antenna to their TV. I have Directv and Spectrum so I would have been able to see the game regardless. I would like to think both sides would have settled it before the Super Bowl, or would have waited until after the big to do something drastic.

I guess we'll never know what would have happened, and again, I'm thankful that the game was on NBC this year. To both companies, fight nice kids.

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