April Fools In Radio

Tomorrow is April Fools Day! It’s a day when people act like little kids and pull pranks on each other. I had one pulled on me a few years ago that went better than the prankster ever imagined.

I was working elsewhere with my good friend Tom The Electrician. It was April 1st and we were doing our show like we always did. We start talking and Tommy starts laughing, and I asked, “What’s so funny”. He said "oh, you know". I had no clue what he was talking about. So then Tommy starts doing sports, and he starts laughing and shoots me a look. Again I asked, “What”? “He’s like will you stop”? I asked, “Stop what”? So he gets through sports and he asked “why are you playing animal noises over the air while I’m talking”? I started laughing saying I have no idea what you are talking about. So the next time we cracked the mic to go on the air Tommy cuts me off and asks, “You didn’t just hear that”? Again, I was like, “hear what Tommy”. “He said there is a cow mooing”. So now I think he’s pulling a prank on me because it’s April Fools Day and I’m not hearing anything. He thinks I pulling a prank on him and just playing the animal sounds while he’s talking.

It turns out that our I.T guy and engineer at the time, Jon, wired a computer to our headphone jack and logged into the computer from home. So he was playing every kind of animal you could imaging; horses, cows, dogs, chickens but only Tommy could hear it. It turns out my headphones were broken and only the left channel was working and Jon was playing the animals in the right channel only as to not screw us up too bad.

So finally, while we are live on the air, Tommy’s getting pissed yelling at me to stop. So I yell back, “What the hell are you talking about I’m not doing anything”. So Tommy goes off on the air how I’m running these animal noises to screw him up and I’m like, “I swear to God I’m not doing anything”.

So finally after a few hours, Jon shows up at the studio door laughing his ass off. He revealed his prank and we all laughed pretty hard because it was a very clever prank. And it worked even better because of my headphone issues that Jon didn’t know about.

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