I had a pretty good Valentine's Day. After work, I went home and my wife and I exchanged Valentine's Day cards and then we got dressed up to go out for Valentine's Day dinner. I put on a shirt and tie with dress pants, and then we are off to the Number 5 for a nice romantic dinner. I was so looking forward to having a nice big juicy steak last night, but I'm Catholic and it was Ash Wednesday. We can't eat meat on Ash Wednesday so my wife and I both had seafood dishes and really enjoyed ourselves. We shared a bottle of wine and she told me how much she loved the flowers that I sent to her office. I received my Valentine's gift from Chris earlier in the week. She ordered me an Eagles Super Bowl Champion hat and shirt as well as a video which they say will ship in a couple of weeks.

I actually planned ahead this year by making the reservations three weeks ago and by ordering the flowers a week and a half ago. I remembered to grab a card when I was up at the Oakdale Mall doing a live broadcast for the Broome County Auto Dealers Car Show on Tuesday.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day as well. If not, there's always next year, right? I hope next year I can eat a steak.

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