It's been an exciting tournament so far. There have been so big upsets and a lot of nail-biters and some buzzer beaters as well. Now the NCAA Tournament is down to their final four teams. Two of them were favored to be there, one people thought might make it, and the other one no one saw coming. The Final Four will take place this Saturday with 11th seed Loyola taking on 3rd seed Michigan. And then two number one seeds will face off head to head with Kansas playing Villanova. Kansas had their hands full with Duke yesterday and finally pulled it out in overtime 85 to 81. Villanova had very little trouble with Texas Tech. Michigan was a third seed so it's not too surprising to see them in the Final Four, but the big story is Loyal. They've been the Cinderella story in each round so far.

How is your bracket looking? I have three of the Final Four teams still alive. In my bracket, I picked Villanova over Kansas, and I had Michigan State playing Cincinnati. Cincinnati was knocked out in the first weekend. The problem is, I had them going to the Championship Game against Villanova. The only chance I have of saving my bracket right now is if Villanova wins it all.

I haven't been able to log on today to see what the point standings are in our company-wide bracket pool, but I doubt very highly that anyone had Loyola going to the Final Four. I still think I'm out of the running to win it all because of the point system that you get for guessing each game's winners correctly. I guess we'll see what happens this weekend. If Villanova wins, I can brag and say I picked them, and If Loyola shocks the word and wins it all, I would be cool with that too because I love underdog stories.


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