Happy New Year Whale Nation! I hope you survived the ever so crazy world of the holidays. It can be awesome and crazy at the same time.

It's so weird how we spend two months to get to the actual holiday, and then it's gone like the wind. Once Halloween was over (and even before that) the season began. Usually I don't get into the holiday season until a couple of weeks before, but this year I decided to embrace it early.

I put up the outside lights the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then put up and decorated two Christmas Trees the weekend of Thanksgiving. Ok, one of the trees is just a small tabletop tree that I placed in the dining room, decorating it with leftover ornaments and lights that I normally would not place on my main tree.

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On New Year's Day, I took down the small tree and outside lights since the weather was cooperating enough to spend time outdoors and get all that stuff packed away. In past years, I have not taken advantage of a good weather day, and you know that is a mistake. With snowstorms, ice storms and frigid temperatures the norm in January, that means the lights don't come down until March.

I'll be honest, it seems weird with the small tree and the outside decorations are packed away for another year. This weekend, the main tree will be taken down, leaving a bare, boring home again, four months of winter, waiting until camping season begins.

And even though I enjoyed the holiday season, camping season it the one I look forward to the most.

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