'Tis the season for the festive spirit. Well, not everyone can get into it. So to that woman who is not in the Christmas spirit. I say it's okay. Neither am I. I think we need to get ourselves a break for a minute and don't need to be all holiday-like just yet.

Sometimes You Just Can't Get Into it

I don't know what it is. We put our Christmas tree up on Halloween morning. You would think that would have done the trick. It didn't. Then the following weekend, we put up our lights and inflatable decorations. Again, not into it. It actually made me more anxious knowing we were ahead of the game. But I just can't seem to catch that holiday spirit.

Maybe When We Get a Significant Amount of Snow

In the past, when it snows, it has cheered me up. But now that we are in our own house, I think of significant snowfall and how I am going to plow my driveway instead of how fun it will be to go sleigh riding with my son.

I'm Going to Focus on Family

I am very fortunate to have my family around me. My mom lives about three minutes away and my sister Nancy is just a few minutes away from us too. We had a great family Thanksgiving and I am excited to get together for Christmas. I need to focus on that. That makes me happy for Christmas.

We All Need to Give Ourselves a Break

I guess I will say to the woman who just isn't into the Christmas spirit, to relax, and don't put some much pressure on yourself. Enjoy your friends, family, and your kids if you have them. After all, they are only young once. The spirit will hit you, it will consume you when you are least expected. But don't rush it. Let it happen in its own time.

Christmas is a special time of year and if "that woman"(me) can just get past all of the other stresses, the holiday spirit will hit her like she's sitting on her roof and is run over by Santa's sleigh.

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