Growing up, I just assumed that if someone had a lot of stuff, well, they just had a lot of stuff. These days, that person may be labeled as being a hoarder. Why do we have to attach a label to everything?

I bring this up, because I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. For example, if an item I bought, came in a package or a box, I will keep the packaging. Just in case something goes wrong during the covered warranty, I will have the box or packaging to return the item.

Make sense doesn't it? Well, here's the problem. I toss the box in one of my sheds or in the cellar. Out of site, out of mind. Well, that's not a good thing. My cellar and sheds are full of boxes. The warranty on any of the items that came in those boxes are long expired, and some of the items themselves are long gone.

How hard can it be to break down a box and recycle it? Apparently enough for me to not do it. Maybe if they gave a nickel deposit on each box, I'd be more inclined to break them down and send them on their way to the recycler. Can we make that happen? Otherwise, I need more space for future purchases.