New York State Lawmakers had hoped that the Adult Survivors Act would have had enough support last year (2021) to pass, but it wasn't voted on by either house.

According to the Levy Law website, The Adult Survivors Act is designed to create a window for one year to revive time-barred lawsuits for adult survivors (18 and over) of sexual abuse when it occurred, similar to the Child Victims Act.

The article mentions that New York State Governor Kathy Hochul supports the principle, but did not mention if she supports the bill as it is currently written. She wants to look at the language with the New York Legislator.

An article on the WSKG-TV website states that the New York State Senate approved the bill in 2021 with unanimous support, but the bill hasn't passed approval from New York State Democrats, so the bill stalled and wasn't voted on.

As it currently stands, any person 18 or older in New York State who was sexually victimized as an adult, won't be able to file a lawsuit if the statute of limitations has expired according to the Levy Law article. The Adult Survivors Act would allow an adult to file a claim against the abuser during a one-year window plus any others that may be responsible as well.

Other bills that didn't pass in 2021 according to the WSKG-TV article include the Elder Parole Bill, the Fair, and Timely Parole bill, and the Clean Slate bill. For details on what these bills are designed to do, visit the WSKG-TV website. 

via WSKG-TV, Levy Law

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