Now through Saturday we recognize and show our appreciation for the people who keeps our offices running smoothly, during National Administrative Professionals Week.

Back in the day we use to call it Secretaries Week, but some years ago that term became politically incorrect. I'm not sure what is offensive about calling somebody a secretary, but then again I've been called a Disc Jockey for years. That's a term I could easily jump on my soapbox and scream about it not being politically correct, but one thing stops me, I just don't care.

The very first Secretaries Week started in the early 50's. Back then most secretaries were women, and treated like a 1950's woman.

Through the years the responsibilities of that position expanded, it also became more of a unisex position. So in the late 1990's the term was changed to Administrative Professional.

The Wednesday during APW is known as Administrative Professional Day, and even though it's not a national holiday, don't forget that person that does the job that most of us would be screwed without.

To all the Administrative Professionals, you are truly the glue that keeps the businesses in this country running. Thank you for your service and dedication!

Check out a few of Televisions favorite Administrative Professional below.
Jennifer Marlowe (Lonnie Anderson) WKRP in Cincinnati

Waylon Smithers The Simpsons

Beth on Newsradio