If you're like me, your cell phone bill probably sucks up a big portion of your monthly budget. The more phones you add and the different plans you choose can send your phone bill skyrocketing.

Sprint has announced new unlimited plans that offer 50% military discounts for additional lines on the account. The offer began on July 13th and the discount is available to both current military personnel and veterans. According to Military Times, the first line will cost $60 a month and from that point on the military discount will apply. The second line is 50% off (a 20 dollar savings) and the third, fourth, and fifth lines will also be 50% off. They will only cost $10 each a month. That could cut your bill by at least $90 a month depending on what plans you have now.

According to Military Times, this plan includes unlimited data, text and talk nationwide, plus streaming of Hulu and more.

I for one salute Sprint (pun intended) for giving the discount to our military and our veterans. Whether they saw combat during their time of service or not, I think our veterans deserve every discount they can get. They were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. And even if they didn't see combat, they were still away from their families for long periods of time which is a huge sacrifice.

I I know a lot of companies offer 10% off for veterans and some car companies offer discounts to military personnel and that's great, but I would love to see more companies follow Sprint's lead. Our current and former servicemen and women deserve to be shown appreciation for keeping us safe and free.

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