As I left work today to grab lunch, I paused for a second to enjoy the mild temperatures. There were actual blue skies over Binghamton and the temperature was 60 degrees. It felt nice after a long winter, and if the wind wasn't blowing, it would have been even nicer. As I was walking down the street I was thinking to myself this is warm enough to play golf. I can't wait for golf season to get here.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mild as well, but WBNG is saying there's a chance of rain, especially during the afternoon. Then the temperatures will slip back into the 40's for highs. That's still above normal for this time of year, but it won't be as warm as it is today and as warm as it will be tomorrow.

I hope you got to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine and warm temperatures today because this is not typical February weather in Binghamton.

[via WBNG]

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