Joao Souza was the freshman engineering student that was murdered in his dorm at Binghamton University last weekend. According to the page on the fund was set up to honor the memory of Souza. The original purpose of the fun was to help the family pay for expenses. But the page on GoFundMe said the family expressed that they would like the money being raised be donated to a fund in their son's honor to help underprivileged children in Brazil to pursue their dreams of playing soccer. According to many posts on the page, Joao was an avid soccer player who played all throughout High School at Blind Brook in Rye Brook.

According to News Radio 1290 WNBF, a fellow Binghamton University student, Michael Roque was arrested and is being charged with Souza's murder. My heart goes out to Souza's family and friends. I can't imagine getting that phone call hearing that your son was senselessly murdered while away at school. It feels like the whole Binghamton community, both on and off the campus, is grieving over this senseless tragedy. The GoFundMe page has been up for just over a day now and has already raised over $30,000. If you would like to donate, here is a link to the GoFundMe page.

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