It's a rare event that I get sick. Normally I catch a cold once a year at most, but in the last couple of years, that number has increased.

In the past, while co-workers came down with the nastiness of a cold, I, for some reason, would not catch their sickness. Maybe it's because I was never good at catching anything. Oh wait, that's more a sports thing, rather than a cold.

Maybe I can blame Doug Mosher. Since he came to work for us a few years ago, it seems I was catching a cold immediately after he did every time. I think the first time was within a month of him working at The Whale. Oh well, no proof to pin it on him.

Anyway, this year I have caught a cold three times, and each time, I have no idea where those lovely germs came from. And it seems to linger for up to three weeks. Maybe it's because I'm getting older? Add that to the fact that I'm a miserable son-of-a-you-you-know-what when I'm sick, plus some say I become a big baby, whining about being under the weather. Whatever.

So, can we find a cure for the common cold? Or is there already one found, but we just don't know about it, or are led to believe there is no cure currently? Hmm, I wonder. Until that happens, if it ever does in my lifetime, my co-workers will just have to put up with me being cranky when I'm sporting the latest cold, which by the way, is right now. Excuse me while I go sneeze what's left of my brains out.

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