Back in the late 80s or early 90s, (I forget the exact year) a person came to me inquiring about becoming a radio personality. Now that's not something out of the ordinary. We receive applications and inquiries all the time.

This one person though, stood out. He mentioned to me that he had been taking an online broadcast course, and needed someone in the business to help him with his course studies. I did just that, and down the road, it led to part-time work for him on The Whale which later developed into full-time.

It's been a couple of decades since Derrick Leuci left us for another pursuit in life, and only occasionally did I run into him. Just recently I became aware of a benefit happening for him. According to the benefit letter, Derrick has struggled with Diabetes, End Stage Renal Disease and a kidney transplant which rejected a couple of years later. He now has Congestive Heart Failure.

His insurance covers a lot, but there are many other costs associated to his diseases, including hospital stays and medications, according to the benefit letter.

The benefit will be held Saturday November 3rd from 3pm to 3am at Reds Kettle Inn, on CFJ Boulevard in Johnson City, featuring food, prizes, bands, a DJ and much more. Admission is 10 dollars.

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