If you plan to hand out treats on Halloween this year and haven't bought them yet, you might want to get to the store quickly unless you want to hand out Valentine candy to trick-or-treaters.

I'm half kidding, but I'm half not. It's only September, but Christmas stuff is already in the stores, so there's that...

Kids love Halloween. They get to dress up as whatever they want and go door-to-door for free candy. The least we can do is keep their happy day that way by not giving them awful treats that they'll hate and just toss, which is pretty much equal to flushing your money down the drain.

Trust me when I say that not all Halloween treats are created equal and unless you want to leave yourself open to being egged or toilet paper, you might want to peek at this list from Tech Times of the worst treats that you can possibly buy.

1.  Pennies
2.  Junky Plastic Toys
3.  Bubble Gum
4.  Whoppers
5.  Wax Lips
6.  Apples
7.  Toothbrushes
8.  Dum Dums

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