Earlier today I blogged how my Facebook memories all this week featured pictures of us from our family vacation out in California 6 years ago. My wife reminded me of some of the other things we did while we were out in California that week and I dug up some more pictures.

Besides the things that I blogged about earlier, another great memory of the trip was when we took a behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Studios. That was pretty cool. We got to walk on the set of a couple of TV shows and we walked down the streets where they filmed "Back to the Future". Doing that tour also gave us VIP access to the rides which meant we got to cut line. That was sweet as well. While we were there we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It has a big Eddie Van Halen style guitar out front (pictured below). Inside we saw Nikki Sixx's Harley that was on the "Girls Girls Girls album cover. (also pictured below)

We spent another day at an ATV rental park. They had a race track setup as well as an obstacle course and you could climb these huge hills. I tried to go up the tallest steepest hill 9pictured below) and the ATV got stuck in the sand near the top. It ended up flipping over backward. The ATV went rolling down the hill and I ended up with a minor concussion. We still had fun though. Of course, the guy that managed the ATV adventure park was not happy with the fact that one of his ATVs flipped about 70 times going down a steep embankment. I walked down the hill, flipped the ATV back over and continue to ride it for another hour or so.

We also spent a couple of hours at the Fender Museum. That had very cool pictures, amps, and guitars on display from some legendary classic rock artists.

One thing that sucked during the trip was the time we went for lunch after going to the animal rescue facility. I paid for lunch with my credit card and ended up leaving the credit card at the restaurant. I realized an hour later, halfway back to our timeshare, that I didn't have my credit card. I had to call the restaurant to make sure they found it, then turn around and backtrack for an hour to the restaurant. Once I grabbed my credit card, we turned around and drove the two hours back to our timeshare.

There are some more pictures below.

Cali pics two

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