Who hasn't been excited to look up at the night sky looking to identify the constellations, planets, the moon, a passing satellite, the space station, or maybe sopping a UFO? I certainly have.

As I mentioned in a previous article recently, now is the time to enjoy one of the most amazing meteor showers of the year - The Orionids. The peak is October 21st, but it can be seen through November 2nd.

But, what other astrological meteor shower events are coming up in 2022 that are worth gazing up at the sky for? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here are some events I think you will be interested in checking out from the Sea and Sky website.

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15 Meteors Per Hour

There will be three more meteor showers to finish out 2022, including the Leonids which at peak, you should be able to see up to 15 meteors per hour. This meteor shower will occur from November 6th through the 30th with a peak during the evening of the 17th through the early morning hours of the 18th.

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Geminids Meteor Shower

Next, the Geminids meteor shower will occur during the period of December 17th through the 27th, with the peak date of December 13th. The Sea and Sky website mentions that this is the king of meteor showers with a peak of up to 20 multicolored meteors per hour.

The Ursids

The final nighttime show is the Ursids meteor shower that will take to the nighttime sky from December 17th through the 25th. This meteor shower is on December 21st/22nd with between 5 and 10 meteors per hour.



Have fun enjoying these spectacular meteor showers. It's a free show courtesy of our universe...food and drinks are not provided.

[via Sea and Sky]

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