16 years ago today was hands-down the hardest day in my radio career. I remember the day vividly. It was sunny and warm Tuesday morning and everything was fine until almost 9am. I remember going outside and on the way out heard that a plane hit the World Trade Center. Just hearing that from one of our coworkers made me think that it was just a little tiny prop plane or something that, and maybe it just clipped its wing off the corner of the building. When I went back inside about 5 minutes later everybody was huddled around the TV in our one studio. I stopped and I looked and said to myself; 'well that was no small plane'. I went in our studio and as soon as I walked in the studio door, the second plane hit the World Trade Center's other Tower. I remember going on the air saying this can't be an accident, it's probably a terrorist attack. Unfortunately I was right, as moments later another plane hit the Pentagon in Washington and the passengers aboard the flight in Pennsylvania took control of that plane before it crashed into yet another building.

I remember the hours that followed were all about getting all the planes that were on the air back on the ground safely.

I spent the rest of that day helping to get the word out on the air. I remember going home and putting on CNN and just sitting there with tears in my eyes watching as everything unfolded.

The next week was filled with more news updates as well as supply drives over at the Town Square Mall in Vestal, to send supplies to our brothers and sisters down in New York City.

We weren't sure when to try to start being funny again not knowing when people would be ready to laugh again.

16 years later I can remember the day as if it was yesterday. I know I will never forget. Every time I see 911 as the date, or even the time, or just see those numbers anywhere, I send a prayer out to those lives that were lost that day and the family members that are still surviving without their loved ones.

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