Have you figured out by now that I am a big fan of local diners? And why not. Enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a local diner supports local owners, and if they purchase some of the food locally grown, you're supporting our farmers as well.

Plus, I have rarely experienced a meal that I wasn't satisfied with. I really can't remember the last time that happened. I try to visit as many local diners as I can, more times during the non-camping season from November through April since I spend most of my weekends at camp in Pennsylvania and visit local diners near the campground.

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Recently I wrote an article about diners that I visit during my camping months near the campground. While I love a lot of different foods at our many local diners, I thought I'd highlight one item I prefer the most at nine diners and a pizza restaurant in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Many of these items are breakfast foods because I love a good diner breakfast experience, but I've also got a few lunch/dinner items that just hit the spot for me. What are your favorite diner foods and what is the diner that makes your favorites?

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