I love cereal. It doesn't have to be breakfast -- sometimes it's a great snack if there's nothing else in the house.

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Unfortunately, some of the cereals we grew up loving over the years have come and gone. Here are 10 cereals you may have forgotten existed.

Sweetened corn puffs with actual sprinkles on top of each bite. The box was a fun aqua color. Like true kid cereal fashion, this was essentially candy for breakfast.

In the same family as the monster cereals they still sell around Halloween today. Described as fruit-flavored, frosted cereal with marshmallow bits, this is another great cereal that admittedly had too much sugar.

Sensing a theme? Sugar was the key component in Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns. Seriously, cinnamon buns in cereal sounds delicious though.

Not a huge fan of rice cereal but add some marshmallows? Yes, sign me up. These have been gone for quite some time though, unfortunately.

Just looking at this cereal and I already want to play with it instead of eating it. Little sweetened corn puffs that looked exactly like basketballs. How did these not last? They sounds awesome.

These were mini rice krispies treats that you could eat as cereal. I remember these in the house as a kid but can't for the life of me remember who was eating them.

Once again, they took a dessert and made it a breakfast cereal. Hey, not complaining. Who wouldn't want ice cream cones for breakfast?

I love anything s'mores, so this sounds great. The cereal was made in the '80's, so looks like I missed out completely in getting my hands on these.

According to The Daily Meal, the chocolate version of Honeycombs didn't last more than one year (2006). Honey and chocolate sounds good to me?

You heard that right, punch. This was a Captain Crunch cereal, flavored fruit punch. Sounds pretty wild but I'm intrigued.

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