Today is World Cancer Day. This year, it hits really close to home because of my Father losing his battle with lung cancer.

The one thing I discovered when I researched what this day is about was, there is a huge myth out there that could mean the difference between life and death. "I live a healthy lifestyle, so I won't get cancer."

Not true!

Do not fluff off getting screenings or having possible symptoms checked because you live healthy. So many environmental factors contribute to cancer, that anyone can get it. Anyone.

Today is the day to reach out and support cancer victims and celebrate the lives of those who lost their battles. It is also a day to celebrate those who beat it.

If you have to ask "why should I care?", then you probably haven't dealt directly with cancer. Consider yourself lucky! Someday, you probably will, according to the last figures of the World Health Organization. More people are getting some form of this hideous beast each day.

Yes, more are surviving, too, but the journey to beating cancer is brutal and if it can be avoided, it should. To find out more about certain cancers or treatments, click here.