How many towns can boast having not one, but two professional sports teams? Not many at all. We are lucky to have something to root for.

Hockey has had an on-again-off-again relationship with Binghamton. We've had 4 teams. The Dusters left in 1980, the Whalers in 1990 and the Rangers in 1997. The Binghamton Senators didn't make this their home until 2002.

If you are new to hockey or aren't into it, here are some reasons to get behind our B-Sens:

1. You'll have something you can believe in.  This one is cut and dried. You can "own" team spirit.

2. It's inexpensive and not far away. To root for a "big league" team of any kind, you'd have to go to Buffalo, New York City, Philadelphia or Long Island. And you would have to pay a lot of money for tickets and travel. Here is the team, right in your back yard! The prices are cheaper and the travel is nothing.

3. You can see star players before they become big. This, too me, is the most special part of the minor leagues. Players are loyal to fans at this level.

4. They have a winning record. How many of our major league teams can we say that about this year?

You could learn more about the team in style, in our skybox!, too.