I have discovered lately that more and more people are being rude to strangers.

Yesterday, a woman in the State Street ramp parked in the middle of 2 spots. Generally, people do that so other cars can't get too close to theirs. Incredibly selfish! Someone else had to park on an upper level because of her action.

Then there was the eighteen wheeler that refused to let our car into the Route 17 to Owego/Elmira side of the split last night. We had just gotten onto the highway and tried to get into the left lane, but the truck slowed and then sped up to keep us out. Really???? I won't even tell you what I called him.

Then there was a woman who, when my sister-in-law went to park at a box store, ran and stood in the spot my sis-in-law was putting her car into. Then this woman's husband blared his horn trying to scare by family into moving, cut into the opposite parking spot and shoved his vehicle in. This despite my family's car being partly in the spot!

Don't get me started about people cutting others off in traffic or getting snippy in stores.

What is wrong with us? We all complain about people like this yet, here we are, acting like total tools! We need to take a step back, admit our bad behavior and stop it. It is beyond shameful.

A car length, parking spot and spot in line are more important than other people? How much extra time does it buy us? Maybe a few seconds and that is it.

Since the first step in correcting behavior, I have to ask: