People love attention these days. Sometimes, they don't think before they post on social media too. These usually go hand in hand!

I just read about a guy who posted a picture (taken in his home) of a wad of cash he just got for selling some collectible sneakers, and one of his online "friends" went to his house less than 24 hours later, robbed and killed him. The victim's mom was also shot. She survived.

No offense to the dead, but that was incredibly stupid. Here some other obvious things not to share online:

1. Never tell people exactly when you are going on vacation. Post pictures after you return. The more exotic the location, the more likely you are to be robbed while gone, because you "obviously have money".

2. Never share pictures of expensive objects or jewelry with your home as a backdrop. If you feel you must share, either customize your post to people you know well or make the backdrop of the picture look like a secure location.

3. Never post your address! It only takes one bad online friend for you to become a victim.

4. Never post bank information, especially if the bank is local and not national. It may be too tempting for someone to steal your identity.

5. Think before you post. The more personal the info, the more you need to think first. Discuss it with someone close to you first. Is it really worth the attention?