Three years ago Monday, a home was set on fire in Binghamton. That fire took the life of a 17 year boy, who could not get out in time.

I discovered the story of the fire and victim Jeffrey Aissa last year as I was driving on Upper Front Street. The truck ahead of me had a magnetic bumper sticker that said "Justice for Jeffrey" with info about Jeffrey Aissa below those words.. Naturally I researched it online when I got home and found this out:

The case is still unsolved. The facts, as I know them are that an unknown person set the porch of the Aissa house on fire and left. 7 people were in the house. Jeffrey, when trying to escape the flames, walked the wrong way and was trapped.The house was completely gutted.

Police firmly believe it is arson due to evidence and the fact that another home just blocks away was also set on fire.

I had to meet and talk with Jeffrey's Mom, Maureen. I learned that she had adopted 8 children from various parts of the world. Jeffrey came from Russia at age 2. What a generous person to open her home to so many children! I now had to help her find closure and solve the case.This is where you come in.

One year after the fire, Binghamton Police Detectives Captain John Shea asked for help in solving the case saying to WBNG-TV  "We know somebody out there knows what happened. We're just looking for that person to do the right thing, and come and speak with us."

That still rings true today, especially as far as the family is concerned. And someone does know something. To that person; imagine having the person most precious to you ripped from your arms forever. That is what the arsonist did to the Aissa family. Do the right thing.

There will be a vigil to honor and remember Jeffrey Aissa on Monday night at 6 pm at the sight of the fire, 20 Milford Street. The public is invited. I know I will be there.I do believe a public servant or two will be there as well to help turn the spotlight on this case to get it solved.

To call in an anonymous tip to the Binghamton Police Department, simply dial 772-7082.

Support your neighbor. See you Monday night. Thank you dear listeners.