So..... They weren't serving crow at Union Endicott High School yesterday, but somehow I was still gonna be eating some of that deep fried fowl. And I have to say, it was GoooooooooooooD!



Here's why I, and my cameraman, Igor, were at Tiger-land, on Thursday.
About a week ago, I was making comments about some food prepared at the radio station, that I publicly said smelled and tasted like the crappy high school food I remember from my childhood at Chenango Forks Central School.

That's when the phone lit up in the studio.... It was Josie, who is the head Peep with the UE Food Service. AND.... She apparently had an issue with my 'Broad swipe of the school food service, brush.'

Apparently, there have been some improvements in the quality and variety of food served in our area school systems. At least, that was what I was about to find out.

You see, Josie threatened to turn off the Whale and never listen to us again if I continued to bash public school cafe' dining. I countered with a challenge.... I would come to UE, and eat a regularly prepared lunch. If it was good, I would rescind my a fore mentioned putdown of high school vittles. BUT, if it was as good as I remembered, I would tell the truth about that as well.

Josie immediately accepted with confidence that her crack staff would score big.


Igor, with video cam in hand,  and I,  were greeted by Josie and her big confident Tiger grin. We were given our visitor badges and whisked downstairs to the cafeteria. (there are two cafeterias at UE)

Wally-Head Chef Rachel Ray-Josie

Awaiting us was a finely tuned, lunch serving machine. The staff, on the job with tongs and ladles in hand, and looking hot with their custom,  hand made 99.1 The Whale T-Shirts on.  They were all smiling, as if they were about to 'EAT MY LUNCH!'

Oh look, a table for two. On the menu... Pasta!


Igor had hers with Alfredo sauce. Mine was served with a red meat sauce.  Both were accompanied by a fresh garden salad, delicious garlic bread stick and grape juice. I have to say..... it was good. IT WAS REAL GOOD!
Seriously! This food ROCKED!  I was so impressed that this is the quality of food that your kids are getting.  Portions are good, service is impeccable and value unbeatable. ($2.15 cents for lunch)

By LeeAnn Taylor


We ate the same stuff the kids were getting. plus they had other menu options as well. All toll these amazing people served 400 plus lunches during that time. And that doesn't count the food that had to be satellited out to the other school's within the district. Or the breakfast that was served in the morning!


UE is an open campus, meaning that the kids can go anywhere for lunch, and there's lots of places within walking distance from the school. There's a lot of competition, and Josie and her staff have met, and exceeded it.

Speaking of the staff. Josie is the one who steers the ship over at U.E It's however the 15-people in the kitchen that power the engine that makes this ship run smoothly. If you have kids in the Union Endicott School District, you should seek out one of these people and say thank you, as they keep your kids motors running in tip top shape all day long.

As for lunch today, I'm all set. I still have a breast and a wing left from that deep fried crow.

Thank You Josie and everyone who works in the U.E. Food Service Department.

You Rock!