It's National Frozen Food Month, so I thought we'd talk about a frozen staple that grew up with. Remember eating TV dinners as a kid? Those "yummy" choices of turkey, meatloaf, or salisbury steak?

The TV dinner was created by Swanson in 1953 and took almost 30 minutes to cook. There were 3 choices to start. The TV dinner was made to help housewives time manage better. These days, for me, it's the lazy way. And there are hundreds of flavors!

I remember eating TV dinners rarely, and always at the dinner table. They were passable, but not nearly as good as Mom's cooking. The desserts were ok.

There were a lot of changes to the dinners through the years. They got faster to prepare, then they became microwavable, and bigger. In the 90's the food got fancier. Who would've thought you could have a salmon tv dinner? I still like home cooking better, but TV dinners are good in a pinch.

Do you have a TV dinner memory, good or bad?