Life is full of positive and negative stuff. Somehow the negatives jump right out at us every day. I posted an annoying thing (ignoring traffic signs) the other day and if you get me going, my list is quite lengthy. Apparently, I am not the only person that gets annoyed.

The U.K. Daily mail published a list of the top 10 most annoying things and I have to disagree. They say that number one is pushy salespeople. I rarely come across this anymore. I do come across their number 6 thing many times a day: potholes!

So here is what I think the Top 10 most annoying things in Greater Binghamton are:

1. Potholes

2. Construction

3. The Court Street Circle

4. Trucks Getting Stuck Under The Bridges

5. Bad Driving

6. Rain

7. Waiting In Line

8. People who take up two parking spots

9. Being put on hold

10. Snow

Am I right? If you have one to add, or want to share your own list, feel free!