Thanks to my parents, I love Halloween! They got me into monsters early in life  so I revel in all things creepy. This would be why I love it when tv shows take on Halloween. It is usually done with humor, so as not to scare.

That, by the way, was how my parents got me into Halloween: humor.  (Abbott & Costello anyone??)

These tv show and episodes stand out from the rest when it comes to the spooky treatment. Did I miss one?


  • 1

    Home Improvement

    Home Improvement, on the air from 1991 to 1999, did a great job paying homage to Halloween. Ever creative, every year they went over the top in their episodes.I got many a Halloween party idea from this show!

  • 2


    Roseanne was a show anyone could relate to. it captured all the craziness, including Halloween, of middle class life. They went crazy creatively for this holiday!

  • 3

    The Simpsons

    Treehouse of Horrors anyone? for 25 years, the Simpsons have been making a Halloween special. Since they are a cartoon, it can get pretty cool. the latest was this past Sunday.

  • 4

    Glee - Rocky Horror Episode

    That's right, Glee is on this list! It paid homage to one of the coolest movies EVER, so naturally, it makes the list. No one else has had the guts to touch Rocky Horror, so hats off!

  • 5

    Modern Family

    There are few new shows that tackle Halloween every year. Kudos for keeping the tradition alive Modern Family! The episodes may not be great, but at least they try.