We grew up knowing how to kill vampires using garlic, sunlight, crucifixes and stakes but what really annoys them as they go through their immortal undead lives?

As you can imagine, since they are around for hundreds of years, the list is full of tiny issues.

1. Picking wool from a turtleneck out of your teeth. It's kind of like chinese food, you never quite get it all.

2. Not being able to take "selfies" in the mirror. (let this one sink in)

3. People thinking they are like The Count on Sesame Street. OCD and all!

4. Only being able to date naive and moody teenagers.

5. Waking up from a long sleep to discover the world cares more about "twerking" and "Jackass" movies than anything else.

6. Holly Dagger being more into Edward from Twilight than Dracula! What?!?