Thanks to Woman's World Magazine sharing something about a food additive I couldn't stop shaking my head last night.  I also couldn't bring myself to talk about it on my show, so here you are:

We all know about the beetle parts being used to make food red in color. Well, have you heard about castoreum? It's in ice cream, yogurts, candies and baked goods. Mostly it is listed not by name, but as "natural flavorings."

Oh, it's natural all right; it comes from beavers. Those damn building critters have a little sac by their anus that secretes the fluid they mark their territory with. That fluid is the castoreum! It hasn't been proven to be harmful, but who wants ice cream with beaver pee and poo in it? Those are two ingredients, though in tiny amounts, of castoreum.

I am so grossed out! But guess what? I like ice cream too much to care. How about you?