As the weather turns colder, the pumpkin comes out. Some pumpkin flavored products are fine. I can agree with the coffees and lattes, the donuts and ice cream. The craze extends well beyond that, however.

Do we seriously need pumpkin pop tarts? Come on! Or pumpkin marshmallows and pumpkin spice bagels? No way. And someone with a pumpkin obsession actually thought pumpkin lasagna noodles and pumpkin spiced Pringles were a good idea. Um, no.

I can understand the pumpkin excitement, but there are over 30 products that now are flavored with the fall delicacy. It's orange overkill. I think I will stick with the favorites: pumpkin pie and ice cream. Of course, I may try the Pumpkin M & M's.

Is this strange flavor trend getting out of hand?