2014 is starting out pretty darn good as far as giving us sports teams to root for.

Upstate New York is heavily represented in the Olympics, where team USA is doing well, and now we have a regional team that sits at number 1 in college hoops rankings.

Note my superstitious behavior. I won't say the name of the team here, so I don't jinx them, but we could be talking national champions! The entire region would be a sea of orange of that happened.

Could it be a coincidence that Carmelo Anthony is posting stellar numbers this season while his alma mater is kicking butt too? Melo's team was the last to win the championship at the school. But I don't believe in coincidence. The team remains undefeated at 23-0, so the sky is the limit. Time will tell!

How would you like to see the team win it all? How about entering our Big Time College Hoops contest?